Perfect Charts


We've heard that a lot about our Charts. We’ve also heard “Great”, “Awesome” and “EXACTLY what I was looking for!”

We understand you have choices when it comes to your charts. That’s why we take a great deal of pride in putting charts together for you.

Each chart goes through the same process before it is posted on our Charts Page or sent to a Coach.

Our chart process is a set of steps leading to an end product done to your exact specifications. See the process below:

GameGrade’s Chart Building Process:

1. Starter 

   --Our Starter is a general layout picture of the chart. It may include the whole chart or just a section. We use starters for drawings, illustrations and especially for notes taken over the phone. If Starter-1 is not what you’re looking for, we will move on to Starter-2 and continue until you get exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’re good with the Starter, we will determine the over-all work involved and prepare a Work Invoice for you.

2. Work Invoice 

   --Once we’ve determined exactly what you need, we will email an estimate of service. A Work Invoice is emailed listing your specifications and the charge for each. This is standard protocol, especially where multiple charts are concerned. However, if the work is customization or an adjustment, we may just include our estimate in an email reply.

3. Sample (as many as needed)

  --We say we will make your chart EXACTLY the way you want it and WE MEAN IT!

We will make your chart according to your specifications and we don't stop until you're happy with the results. It doesn’t matter how many samples we have to provide, we don’t send a bill until we have the green light from YOU.

4. YOUR Approval

--Once you approve the sample chart work, we begin the finalization of your chart. Generally, once you approve the chart, we begin work on finalizing your chart and getting the transaction process going within 24 hours.


5. Finalize

--After your chart has been approved, we start closing in on detail and apply the finishing touches for the perfect chart. In the final stage, your chart file is flattened and solidified and we are ready to turn it over to you and your team.

6. PayPal Invoice

--As your chart is being finalized, we will be preparing a PayPal invoice complete with instructions on how to pay. This invoice will be emailed to the same email address with which you ordered your chart. Simply follow the PayPal instructions and once your payment is verified through PayPal, your chart will be sent within 48 hours.

7. Your Chart

This is your chart. You own it. And we will make minor changes free of charge for 2 weeks as you use your chart. This will give you time to make sure it’s the perfect chart for you. Just email us the adjustments and we will send you the new version!

You may choose the chart file only and print your own copies or you can request printed copies.

We print all charts in Season Sets of 30 and mail them to a physical address, if printed copies are ordered.

We strive to make perfect charts for one reason: YOU!

We can make the perfect chart just for you.

Give us a try.

Getting Your Charts and Chart Ideas to GameGrade

Charts In Season Sets