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Either a fundamental is performed correctly or it isn’t.


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.4 seconds of anticipation and exhilaration.

A game with arguably the single most unselfish play in all of sports.

You demand the ‘small’ things from your players because you know they become ‘big’ things at some point in your season.


We can be the link to the ‘small’ things.

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Using the Free Baseball Template

A player who goes 3-4 and has 3 errors and only moves 1 runner doesn’t really have a great game overall. Yes, good offensively, but suffering in other areas. GameGrade exposes ALL areas. Good and bad. Let’s look a little closer.

Hypothetically , let’s assume this player had: 4 total plate appearances.

3 Singles = 6 points

Scored 1 Run= 5 points

Struck Out Swinging = -1 point

3 Errors= -6 points

Moved 1 Runner= 2 points

Did not move 2 runners= -4 points


Game Total= +2 points


Now let’s look at a player who was 1-3.

Hypothetically, let’s assume this player had: 5 total plate appearances.

1 Single= 2 points

2 Sac Bunts= 6 points

Moved Runner 2x’s= 4 points

Struck out Swinging= -1 point

Struck out looking= -2 points

Did not move 2 Runners= -4 points

2 PutOuts= 2 points

2 Assists= 2 points

Above Average Play= 2 points


Game Total= +11 points



In this example, taking all things into account, a player who goes 1-3 does NOT perform badly. He/She can score higher than a player with more hits. Either a fundamental is performed or it isn’t. You want players to excel in ALL areas.


GameGrade opens ALL areas of a player’s game and fairly scores the player for each attribute(fundamental) coached. When all is said and done, a player going 3-4 doesn’t always have a better game than someone going 1-3.

GameGrade allows players, coaches and parents an inside, over-all look at a player’s TOTAL game.


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